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Homebuyer education workshops, Pre-purchase counseling, Downpayment Assistance, Post Purchase/Foreclosure prevention, USDA 502 Direct Loan Packaging

I am interested is attending a Homebuyer Education Workshop

Estoy interesado en asistir al Workhsop de EducaciĆ³n EspaƱola de Homebyer de NHSOKLA

I have applied for Mortgage Assistance with Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) and housing counseling with a HUD Certified Counselor is required. THE ASSISTANCE REQUESTED IS COVID RELATED.

I am interested in one-on-one home purchase counseling

I am past due or in fear of becoming past due on my mortgage loan (NOT COVID RELATED).

I am getting a mortgage loan with Weokie Credit Union through the Home Path Program and need one on one counseling

I am getting down payment assistance from Midwest City and need one on one counseling

I am working with Tulsa Habitat and need to schedule one on one counseling

I am interested in Down Payment and Closing Cost assistance and have completed an application for assistance.

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